Single-drum bump roller exported to Pakistan

In June, 5 units of LT214B road roller are exported to Pakistan,support the "One Belt One Road" construction project.

The single-drum vibratory roller has two operating modes: hand-held and seat-mounted, and is mainly suitable for foundation compaction of non-cohesive soil, gravel, and sand-gravel mixtures. In order to improve the compaction efficiency, the customer request to install steel wheel bumps to improve the compaction force.

The bump of the roller is an attachment that can be installed and disassembled. It is usually installed on a single-drum vibratory roller. In view of the different parameters of each manufacturer, the necessary accurate parameters need to be measured before production and processing. Due to the small stress points per unit area, the compactness will be higher than that of rollers without bumps.

Single-drum bump roller LT216B exported to Pakistan

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