Straw shredders in biomass power plants

Biomass power plants are industrial facilities that use biomass fuels to generate electricity. They replace coal for power generation, significantly reduce CO2 and SO2 emissions, and create environmental benefits. In the past 20 years, biomass power plants have been built in many countries. JOOMACH's straw shredders are installed widely in biomass power plants, which promotes the smashing and combustion of straws and increases the efficiency of power generation by more than 30%.

Shanghai Electric Wuhe Biomass Thermal Power Plant and Anhui Guozhen Eco-Tech used JOOMACH's straw shredders to utilize straws to realize the agricultural circular economy model concept of "resources-products-waste-renewable resources". The annual smoke and dust emission reduction is 350 tons, the sulfur dioxide emission reduction is 335 tons, the nitrogen oxide emission reduction is 310 tons, and the ash emission reduction is 1616 tons. At the same time, it can also create about 13 million dollars in annual income to local farmers, transportation and processing industries, and achieve the unity of environmental protection, economic and social benefits.

Biomass energy is a clean and friendly renewable energy. It is converted from solar energy. The energy of biomass produced by photosynthesis each year is equivalent to 10 times that of the world’s main fuel consumption. It has a huge development potential. If it is not extinguished, bio-energy will be inexhaustible and inexhaustible. Bioenergy is also a kind of clean energy. The conversion process of biomass energy is to synthesize CO2 and water into biomass through the photosynthesis of green plants. The process of using biomass energy generates CO2 and water, forming a theoretical net emission of Zero CO2 Circulation. Biomass energy is also considered to be the only solar energy that can be stored, and has incomparable advantages in replacing fossil fuels. Up to now, biomass energy has become the world's fourth largest energy source and the premier renewable energy, ranking second only to coal, oil and natural gas, and occupies an important position in the entire energy system.

Straw shredders in biomass power plants

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